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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. a major crackdown on organized crime in the bay area. >> federal, state and local law enforcement agents raided several card clubs early this morning and christin ayers is in emeryville at one of the clubs targeted with more on what authorities were looking for. christin. >> reporter: frank, we have just learned from a source close to the investigation that authorities believe this casino was at the center of an active organized crime ring. we're talking about bookmaking, loansharking, and extortion, all allegedly happening at this casino which has become an institution in emeryville. >> i was shocked and scared. >> reporter: gamblers startled out of their early-morning card games as federal agents stormed an emeryville landmark one of the oldest card clubs in northern california. >> we were playing cards around
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6:00. 50 agents walked in, got two per table, asked us to put our hands on the table. they had the search warrant for the place. >> we have the fbi, the irs and the dea. >> reporter: dozens of state and federal agents armed with weapons and warrants and customers say they didn't just search the building. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: customers and employees were brought into separate rooms possibly for questioning. a source says the casino is being investigated for loansharking, illegal gambling and drug distribution. authorities wouldn't confirm that. >> i'm not able to comment. >> reporter: they said it's not routine. >> it's not routine. anytime you see this number of police officers together it's never routine. it's a well coordinated effort to enforce the law. >> reporter: the cbs 5 chopper found more agents in san bruno outside a casino. customers at the card club said
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they have never seen anything illegal happen here. >> nothing blatant. >> reporter: but hours after the raid, we found the club's owner, accompanied by his lawyer, being questioned by officers in the club foyer. now, we don't know exactly what the owner was telling authorities. i did overhear him asking whether it was aimed at a customer or employee. he didn't get a straight answer from them. the fbi will have more information today or tomorrow. >> thank you, christin ayers themryville. it is a day of action across california. students protesting cuts to public education funding. [ chanting ] right now students at san francisco state university have joined forces with local community colleges. they planned a rally in march to protest against governor brown's budget plans. the proposal would cut nearly $1.5 million from the university of california, cal
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state university, and communitycollegee systems. >> if we are not willing to stand up and fight against the budget cuts, no one else will. we have to take responsibility ourselves. >> protest going on today at uc- berkeley and berkeley city hall. on march 14, students plan a statewide march in sacramento. it is day two of the federal hearings into the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> it is. and we are learning some revealing information about the response to the blast and knowledge of the gas line. anne makovec joins us now with more on today's factfinding session on capitol hill. she joins from us the newsroom. >> reporter: this afternoon they have been discussing the spiking of pressure in the lines over the past decades which could have degraded the line in san bruno, a line which has already been described as patchwork. earlier this morning, the panel discussed public awareness,
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which was obviously lacking in this case. in fact, the san bruno fire chief, dennis hague, admitted this morning his department admitted there was no idea they had a gas pipeline through the neighborhood before it exploded last september. he says pg&e which owns the line never told the fire department nor provided a map. there is a federal website that provides first responders with maps of gas lines in their cities and hague said this morning that his department never looked up san bruno. he says even if they knew it was there it wouldn't have changed their response that day. >> the first report was an airliner down. that was our response. if it was a natural gas line break, it would have been the same exact response as an airliner down. >> i have to believe that having more eyes on that transmission line, and the surrounding areas can only be good for first responders and
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for the public utility. furthermore, it's in the right to know by the home owner is crystal clear to me. >> reporter: that's congresswoman jackie speier you just heard from talking about her bill hr22, which would require utilities to inform home owners who live within 2,000 feet of a gas transmission line of its proximity to their home and to provide information on what they might notice if there is a problem. things like dead vegetation or dirt visibly moving. in fact, pg&e has actually been dispersing information on gas pipeline safety but it's buried in the bill so it looks like junk mail. the ntsb was also lambasting this morning a survey that pg&e did last year sending out evaluation cards to customers asking them to respond to questions about pipeline safety. well, pg&e sent out 15,000 of those survey cards. only 20 people responded. >> only 20. >> that says a lot. >> yeah. >> thank you, anne makovec in the cbs 5 newsroom.
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thank you. two firefighters were hurt putting out a fire in the east bay. we have some new video of the fire. it broke out last night in alamo. one firefighter cut his hand, another hurt his neck and arm. they went to the hospital and will be okay. the fire started when heat and embers caught fire in the chimney flue. top of the house destroyed. traffic smooth on southbound 101 this morning after a big rig accident in san rafael. the chp says the trailer of a big rig was detached about 6:00 this morning and several lanes were blocked for about an hour and a half before that accident was cleared. no one was hurt. the wet roads, though, of course, slowed everything down, as well. but we are hoping that it's looking a little nicer out there. what do you think? >> we can hope. >> we're not seeing the heavier rainfall that we saw early on this morning but we still have scattered showers out there, folks. so if you are headed out the
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door, prepare and bring the umbrella and maybe even looks like some sunglasses if we are going to see clearing in between the clouds. but we still are seeing scattered showers toward southern parts of the san jose area along 101 and 280. you can see some rainfall there. that may affect your weather. of course, you have scattered showers continuing in parts of the east bay, as well. and don't forget the north bay. they have had some of the heavier amounts of rainfall. they continue to see more showers there and there are more storms on the horizon. when can you expect that? we'll have that and the rest of the forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. cops say they wouldn't believe it if witnesses hadn't seen it. a woman clinging to the hood of a van as her husband sped down the freeway 100 miles per hour. and she doesn't blame them. we are going to tell you why. well, we'll also tell you why hundreds of cold and allergy medications are being pulled off store shelves. ,,,,,,,, 3q
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straight out of a james bond welcome back, everyone. a terrifying ride for a manteca woman. i guess so. it sounds like something straight out of a james bond movie. she held on for dear life to the outside of her husband's speeding minivan on a 42-mile wild ride from their home in manteca all the way to pleasanton. it happened just after midnight on saturday. christopher and rebecca carroll had an argument. he got into his minivan to leave and she jumped on the hood and he didn't stop racing down the freeway at 100 miles an hour while she held on the windshield wipers. she told a sacramento tv station he was high on drugs. >> did you see your husband as he was driving? >> yes. >> could he see you? >> yes. >> what was the look in his eye? what was he thinking? >> he looked crazy. that man that was driving was
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not my husband. he was -- he was taken over by the meth. >> witnesses helped mrs. carroll when she finally let go after the van slowed down in pleasanton. she was treated for hypothermia and severe scratches. that man, christopher carroll, her husband, in police custody now. a bay area mother is facing charges accused of driving drunk and crashing her suv with her three young children in the car. witnesses say the whom two of her children in the car that were thrown from the car when she crashed. a third child was rescued, a 2- year-old who was strapped in a car seat. nobody was seriously injured. the woman is in custody. steve jobs makes his first public appearance since taking a leave from apple. what he said he didn't want to miss today coming up. good-bye. >> we'll see you soon, buddy.
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>> plus, cameras roll as police show up at charlie sheen's house. what we learned about why they removed the actor's twin sons. >> we have seen rain and now drizzle over the city of san francisco. gusty winds, too. still blustery outside in spots. we'll talk about that in the forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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germany. this afternoon president obama says he'll spare
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no effort in the investigation. two us airmen killed at an airport in germany and this afternoon president obama said he will spare no effort in the investigation. police say an american military bus was parked outside a terminal at the frankfurt airport when that gunman opened fire. a bus driver and passenger were killed. two other people seriously wounded. witnesses say the shooter fled but was chased down by military personnel and arrested. libyan leader moammar qaddafi again defying calls to step down. in another address carried on state television, he denied that his own people are rising up against him. >> no power struggle in libya at all. >> qaddafi is now blaming the unrest in his country on former guantanomo bay prisoners who were released to libyaian custody and later freed. as he spoke, qaddafi's forces were attack rebel fighters in the eastern half of the country. with the fighting at a stalemate, the rebels are reportedly asking the united nations for air strikes to help
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them oust qaddafi. let's take a peek at weather now. lawrence, i asked you this morning, but hey, why not again. i have been here three weeks back home. i'm complaining. i'm sorry. tired of rain. >> i know. at least you don't have to shovel the snow. but we have showers out there and yeah, we continue to see that over the city of san francisco. the camera getting wet there. moisture a lot of it out there and we have scattered showers expected on and off through the better part of the day. so yup, be prepared for that. we have heavier amounts located still north of the golden gate bridge. that will continue to be the case probably into the afternoon, as well. east bay still some scattered showers into concord, antioch and brentwood. you're looking at showers there and into parts of the south bay. we are also looking at a lot of moisture in that direction but it's been very interesting. only trace amounts in much of the south bay. while that heaviest amount of rainfall has been located to the north and there we're up over an inch and a third already and still more to come. so heading out we'll see showers but don't be surprised to see sunny breaks in between. temperatures mainly in the 50s
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and 60s. tonight on-and-off showers, unorganized. but it looks like the front making its way through the bay area now. but it's going to stay unsettled and wet through tomorrow. as the computer models pick up on this pretty well, taking it into the noontime hour and the rest of the day little pulses of moisture moving in off the pacific so an occasional shower moving by. so not a total rainout but a bit wet. we are going to keep those temperatures in the 50s and low 60s and looking out over the next few days, we may catch a break toward friday. but that's not going to last. it looks like late in the day, a chance of showers returning to the bay area. and well, there you go, frank, more rain for ya on sunday. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> thank you. well, they promise to keep from you sniffling and coughing but the fda says hundreds of cold and allergy drugs may not work. regulators are cracking down. the fda is removing about 500 prescription drugs from the market that haven't been tested or proven to work.
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a link between smoking and breast cancer even for women who have never lit up. a new study finds that women exposed to years of secondhand smoke have a 32% higher risk of breast cancer. but researchers say more studies are needed. and menopausal women who smoke are -- used to smoke are 16% more likely to develop breast cancer. well, a big surprise at apple today as they unveiled the big ipad 2. >> take a look. apple's ceo steve jobs walking onto the stage to a standing ovation. [ applause and cheers ] >> well, looking a bill frail, jobs was wearing his traditional black mock turtleneck, bluejeans and wire rim glasses. he has been on indefinite medical leave since january but said this was an event he couldn't miss. >> we have been working on this product for a while and i just didn't want to miss today. so... [ laughter ] >> thank you for having me.
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and, uhm....... >> he still has the passion, doesn't? he so what about the ipad 2? it's faster, thinner and that's not all. >> eric franklin is the senior associate technology editor with cnet. he is here to give us a rundown. you don't have one yet but you are excited? >> they are coming. >> i'm very excited about it. the release date is march 11. >> what's new? >> so, you know, going through this event there is a lot of speculation that was going to be enough. the first thing they announced is it was going to be 33% thinner than the current ipad. >> look at this. >> it's already really thin. it's going to be 33% thinner making it thin than the iphone 4 which i have here. the other thing going into this event, they thought there would be one camera but now there are two, one in the front and one in the back. the front you can do video conferencing, the back one take movies or whatever you want to record. and the last thing they announced is because of the new dual core processor, game
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graphics were actually going to be nine times as fast as they are now. and i don't think it's a coincidence that apple made this announcement at the same time the game developers conference is happening a couple of doors over with nintendo. >> battery life, too. it's still going to be really, really long. >> 10 hours. >> awesome. >> what about the standing ovation, the reception for steve jobs. >> it was so great. again, speculation was that he wasn't going to be there. and to have him come out and really like pump the crowd like that and have them give him a standing "o," he really set the tone for the event that, you know, he was excited, everyone else was excited. it was really great to see him out there. >> he doesn't look bad to me. >> did he talk about his health? >> he didn't. he was able to walk around. he didn't look weak. people were very happy. i was very happy. it was awesome to see him. >> i love to see the passion in people just gravitate toward that. good to see him there and good to see you, as well.
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eric franklin with cnet. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that is a great price. now, these are average prices like i said before, some stores maybe a little bit less expensive, but some stores you are going to see it to be a lot more money. so save the money. check your ads, check the quality. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. for years, charlie sheen has fought drug and alcohol addiction. >> now the actor has another battle on his hands, getting his sons back. sheen spoke to reporters this morning confirming reports that his twin boys have been taken from him. this is video of the children being removed from the home last night by police last night under court order. >> bob, max, it's your da da and i have never lied to you and this is another example of that. i'll see you soon. you're in my heart and i love you. >> he is everywhere these days. yesterday his estranged wife obtained a restraining order against him. she said he made a number of violent comments recently including threats that he would stab her in the eye with a pen
12:27 pm
knife. the order requires him now to stay 100 yards away from his wife and children. >> that story gets more and more sad. coming up at 5:00, they are all over the bay area and have grown in popularity during the tough economic times. so why is one berkeley neighborhood turning its nose up at a good will store? we'll tell you. it's coming up at 5:00. and that's it for the cbs 5 news at noon. don't forget, eyewitness news is always on enjoy your day, everyone. caption colorado, l.l.c.
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